Web Development Reading List #170: Hamburger Alternatives, Libsodium In PHP And Choosing Profit

Web Development Reading List #170: Hamburger Alternatives, Libsodium In PHP And Choosing Profit

As web developers, we need to rely on our knowledge, and choosing solutions we’re already familiar with is often the most convenient approach to solving a problem. However, not only technology is evolving but also our knowledge of how to use it.

For a while, we thought it’s best to use base64 encoding for inlining assets into CSS files, for example, and that loading JavaScript asynchronously will make websites faster. With more evidence and research, however, we came to realize that we were wrong. We should take this as an occasion to remind ourselves to question our habits and from now on ask ourselves if the solution we have in mind for a given problem really is still the best one we could choose.

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link

Concept & Design Link

Labels combined with icons could be an alternative to the hamburger menu. Levi Kovacs explores what else you can use8 instead. (Image credit9)

Security Link

Web Performance Link

JavaScript Link

Work & Life Link

Depend less on each other18
Basecamp’s Jason Fried advocates for separating the gears and depending less on each other19 in a company.

Going Beyond… Link

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— Anselm

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